1st Trail Running , Rapsani Olympus
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1st Trail Running , Rapsani Olympus

Rapsani Olympus: 22-1-2017 The race entries opened due to postponement. The date is defined as March 19th. Thank you! Rapsani located at the foot of Lower Olympus, at an altitude of 500m above the sea and the picturesque valley of Tempe with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. It took its name from the word Arvanite rapsi-a, which means soft rock. The flashback in history Rapsani is difficult, as most villages in Thessaly, as suffered multiple attacks and disasters in their long history. According to legend Rapsani was a beautiful and dynamic woman, who pioneered the combination of villages.

Access: Access to Rapsani by car via the highway from:

  • Larissa: It is 47 km and one can reach in 35 minutes to exit two kilometers after the Valley of Tempi turning left.
  • Thessaloniki: It is 125 km and one can reach in 1 hour and a half kilometer exit immediately after the toll Pyrgetos turning right.
  • Athens: It is 395 km and one may reach 4 hours with exit two kilometers after the Valley of Tempi turning left.

The Route: The participants start and finish of the hotel T.Y.P.E.T village at an altitude of 538 meters

5k: The route follows a mixed trend with the first 700m of asphalt, gravel road 2km and 2.3km hiking trail with an altitude difference 315m with 324m ascent and 329m descent. Easy route without refueling station. Time block does not exist.

10k: The route follows a mixed trend with the first 900m of asphalt, dirt road 2.5km and 6.5km hiking trail with an altitude difference 480m with 577m ascent and 582m descent. Easy route to the filling station <B> at 6km. Time block does not exist.

19k Half Marathon: The route is 19km and follows a mixed route where a whole consists of asphalt 1km, 1.5km gravel road, 2km forest road and 14,5km a hiking trail with an altitude difference of 700m with 1073m ascent and 1078m descent. Medium difficulty route with intensity on points with basic filling station <A> at 10km and second <B> at 15km. Time blockade to 3 hours in 10 km and 15 km in five hours.

REFUELLING STATIONS: Water-Isotonic-Biscuits-Peanuts-Raisins-Bananas


EVENT DETAILS: From the 08:00 and 10:00 in the starting area you will deliver the Statutory Declaration to receive the number of your entry. Please your valid attendance. Participants are required to have their own bottle or glass for use in recharging stations. The safety of the race will cover the Hellenic Rescue Team of Larissa, Doctor and Private Ambulance.

  • The starting time is 10:30 at 19km
  • The starting time is 10:40 at 10km
  • The starting time is 10:50 at 5km


  • All participants will receive a medal with their termination.
  • They will be awarded in two categories each distance, Men and Women.
  • In the award of 19km will take besides the cup and prize money.
  • The prize will be announced on completion of records and will depend on the number of participants in the 19km.
  • The awarding of the cup will take place during the games.

REGISTRATION – PARTITIPATION COST: The registrations close on 31-12-2016.

  • Race 5km: 8€
  • Race 10km: 10€
  • Race 19km: 19€

Optional: T-shirt of the event is given, Dry technical color white, with the company’s logo Xtremeway Outdoors and the races. The price is at 8€ and prepaid with registration.

  • The payment of entries are made via bank.
  • A prerequisite is your nominal deposit in the name of the record.
  • Piraeus: IBAN: GR1501726060005606023742610

  • National: IBAN: GR2701108140000081460789233

18-01-2017: The race on Sunday will normally take place. The athletes will expect winter mountain conditions. The route of 19 km will be the most demanding with largest part of snow cover. Last update on signing will be held on Friday and Saturday. The organizing company will have integrated filling stations as announced in the notice of race. Please your prompt attendance for the correct start of the games.

20-01-2017: The race is postponed until further notice. The amount of snow that has fallen on Wednesday night is longer prohibitive to run. All along the route we have snow cover in places over 1 meter. The refueling in stations is impossible. The start date will be announced when the longer route is deemed safe.

06-02-2017: The organizer announces the conduct of the race on March 19th.

13-03-2017: The Race entries at 5-10&19χλμ are as below.


The race entries are closed on 12 of March. Thank you!

Rapsani Trail 2017

Rapsani Τ.Υ.Π.Ε.Τ

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