2nd Winter Trail Running – Rapsani Olympus
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2nd Winter Trail Running – Rapsani Olympus

2nd Winter Mountain Race – Rapsani Olympus 28/1/2018

Rapsani is located at the foot of Lower Olympus, at an altitude of 500 meters from the sea, above the picturesque valley of Tempi, with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. It was named after the Arvanite word rape (j) a, meaning soft rock. The retrospection of Rapsani’s past is a difficult matter, as most of the villages of Thessaly suffered multiple raids and disasters in their long history. According to the myth, Rapsani was a beautiful and dynamic woman who was the leader of the villages.

Access: Access to Rapsani is made by road via the national highway from:

  • Larisa. It is 47km away. and one can reach 35 minutes by exiting two kilometers after the Tempi Valley by turning left.
  • Thessaloniki. It is 125km away. and you can reach one hour by going to Platamonas following the old highway to Larissa.
  • Athens. It is 395km. and one can reach 4 hours by going to Evangelismos following the old highway to Thessaloniki, exit two kilometers after the Tempi Valley, turning left

Accommodation: Rapsani provides Vasilis guesthouse (2495061002 & 6978046386) and Nota Litsa rooms (2495061111 & 6938355367) with little availability. Alternatively, you are looking at nearby Nei Pori, Platamonas, Karytsa, Stomio

Safety: The safety of the event will cover a private Ambulance.

Equipment: Runners must be prepared for a winter race.

Opening time: 08:00 in the village square. A number and a souvenir will be received at the time of the statement. The Start is at 10:00.

The Trail: The route is 19km and follows a mixed course. This year, the necessary changes and improvements have been made. The race starts at the village square at 500m altitude to reach a maximum of 1240m and ends up back to the square. It consists of 1km of asphalt, 1.5km of a dirt road, 2km of forest road and 14.5km in a mountain trail with an altitude difference of 740m. A moderate difficulty ride at points with a basic refueling station <10km and a second <SB> at 15km. Chronic exclusion at 3 hours at 10km and 5 hours at 15km. The markings are in blue, directional arrows, piles, and marker ribbons. The mileage marking refers to a distance that remains until the finish.

Timing: Timing is electronic, not chipped, and with intermediate times at stations.

Stations: Water-Isotonic-Salty-Raisins and at Banana finish

Details: From 08:00 on the starting place you will hand over the responsible statements to receive the entry number and your souvenir. Please have your valid attendance. Participants are required to have their own bottle or bottle for use at refueling stations.


  • All participants will receive a medal upon their termination.
  • Two categories, Men, and Women will be awarded.
  • The awards will be held at 14:00 at noon in the village square.

Registrations-CostsRegistrations are closed on 31/12/2017 The cost of participation is € 19. Entry limit 100

  • With your registration, you will receive an automated confirmation message, a responsible statement and payment methods.
  • Payment of stakes is through a bank deposit or Paypal.
  • A prerequisite is your nominal deposit with the name of the subscription.

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